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      1. Our JuiceBox is compatible with all Type 2 electric cars.

        We offer a complete line of Smart[Grid] electric vehicle charging stations and custom solutions for:

        • Fleet Managers, Apartment Buildings & Car Parks
        • Hotels, Restaurants, Offices & Shopping Centres
        • Cities, Municipalities & Public Infrastructure
        • Energy Companies & Manufacturing Facilities

        Charge clean. Charge wise. Our Smart[Grid] charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make charging your electric vehicle greener and cheaper.

        Control your fleet’s charging schedules with our advanced IoT platform, JuiceNet Enterprise

        • Control site consumption with automated load balancing
        • Optimise for off-peak tariffs
        • Leverage the new smart-grid infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership
        • The original Smart[Grid] enabled charging station in the UK
        Learn More