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      1. JuiceConnect

        Discover smart charging capabilities with APIs & software development kits

        JuiceConnect API

        The JuiceConnect API provides automakers, third-party EVSEs, and other partners a platform that enables seamless integration of energy markets data, and predictive grid & load models into third-party business applications.

        • Energy Markets Data

          Gain access to data streams used in the JuiceNet predictive grid model and dispatch algorithms:

          • Real-time and day-ahead energy market pricing
          • Market volumes across multiple ISOs
          • Frequency regulation pricing
        • Predictive Grid API

          Gain access to JuiceNet predictive grid model outputs:

          • Pricing probability curves by interval of day
          • Economic value distributions for various geographic aggregations
        • Predictive Load API

          Gain access to additional JuiceNet predictive load model outputs:

          • Forecasted energy use for the next session
          • Forecasted plug-in / unplug times
          • Forecasted load curves